Sunday, 4 January 2015

Uploading Schedule

Hello everyone,

I thought I needed to do this post as early as possible, because I go back to school on Tuesday (6th), and I know as soon as I step foot into school the pressure is going to be on, considering we have your exams in less than 5 months, and a lot of revision to be done now.

How I feel about school now!

Because I am going to have a lot of revision I know my blog post uploading schedule is going to suffer, I have always said that my priorities are my school work then hobbies comes second. I have already been planning after school revision sessions already, which for my would be my uploading day (every other day). But I have had to make a big decision to narrow my blog posts down to one a week, I am putting my homework, course work, exams and revision first, I won't even been seen my friends and family running up to the exams, I am so focused on my exams at the moment and just doing well.

I have decided to change my uploading schedule to uploading once a week as I stated above, I think this is going to be one a Sunday, it might changed depending on how my timetable is when I get back, but I hope you understand my choice. I can' tell you what sort of post this is going to be, it could be anything from a chatty one to a beauty post. I am really sorry that I have had to make this decision  but if I get any free time then my priority when/if that happens is going to be uploading a blog post.

I have mentioned a lot in previous posts about my exciting things happening after my exams, and it is things I want to document on my blog, some of the things you can look forward to are:

- My trip to Belfast
- My trip to Wales - I am going with my two friends
- Prom - Shopping for my dress, shoes etc.
- My Trip to Italy - Sorrento, Capri and pompeii
- My trip to America - Florida
- College posts - Applying, choosing, my course 
- Back to school - Shopping for stationary and clothes
- My 17th birthday - legal to drive!

I hope you understand this, and I hope your happy with my uploading date, it will only be for no more 7 months! Thank you for all your support it means a lot!

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