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Plans after year 11? Help and Advice

Hello everyone,

Lately I have been thinking and planning what I want to do after year 11, I finished year 11 on the 8th of June and I am so excited! I also can't wait for some new surroundings and new faces! But I wanted to talk to you about what I have decided to do etc.

My plans -

I have always had some sort of plane of what I want to do in life, since doing business in year 10, I have grown and love and passion for it, this is where I want to go and in and to pursue my passion for business. Since knowing what I wanted to do this had made me decide what I want to do. But with bearing my plans in mind I have applied for sixth form at the school and for my local college. 

My options I had put down for sixth form were Sociology, Geography and Business. I chose only 4 a levels because I didn't want to overwhelm myself or put myself under things I can't cope and deal with. But I also applied for college to do a Btec Level 3 Diploma in Business Studies.

College -

College was never a option for me in the begging because I always assumed college to be more for physical jobs, like Nursing, Police etc. But since looking into their courses I have chosen a course in college to do Business. This opened my eyes to college more and to consider doing it more.

I had my college interview for my local college at the beginning of February. I was really excited to start this new big chapter and being in a place where I was potentially spending my last few years of education (excluding university). I had my interview with one of the women who was a teacher doing business, she was asking me questions about the course, why I picked it and what I knew about it then we went for a tour of the business department. I loved having the tour when I did because I got a feel for the college in full use with classes going on. 

The business course is a 2 year course, and the things I will be studying are:

(In the first year)

  • The business environment
  • Business resources
  • Introduction to marketing
  • Business communication
  • Introduction to accounting
  • Recruitment and selection in business
  • Aspects of contract and business law
  • Website design strategy
  • Developing teams in business
Then in the second year I can chose a certain business sector I want to study. These are:

  • Finance management accounting
  • Human resources management
  • Law aspects
  • Marketing
Also this course is worth the equivalent of 3 A levels. The level 3 diploma is what you should be studying after level 2. Level 2 is at GCSE level and level 3 is at A level.

Sixth Form -

I always wanted to do to sixth form at my local school since knowing I had to stay on till I am 18. I always felt comfortable knowing everything and teachers/students. But since I know what sixth form is going to be like it has really shown me it's true reflection.

We haven't had a formal sixth form interview, we have had a talk with some teachers about our plans after year 11. And what your planning to do with them grades.

My advice for what to do after year 11 -

My main piece of advice is try and work out what job you are looking to go into. Even if it's not a specific job just the subject area is it maths, science etc. This will give you a understanding of what courses to look into.

The second most important is to think of what you would like to do after your years at college/sixth form. Do you want to go to university? Because this can tell you what universities you have in mind because not every university access a Btec diploma.

Pick what you enjoy doing! This is your chance to escape from Maths or Sport, if you don't enjoy one particular subject then don't do a course at that. Say to yourself you will hopefully be doing this for the rest of your life, then imagine yourself doing that job for how many years.

Don't go with what other people say, I have had this a lot lately with teachers trying to me off going to college for many reasons. But only you can tell what is going to be better for you, just because someone is telling you to go to college it may not be the best choice for you, do what's best for you!

Research what your planning to do, look at what peoples views have been on them subjects, look for youtube videos, look into depth into your course/s. But once you have your research draw a pros and cons table for you going to these places and doing these courses, think of grades, exams, surroundings, teachers etc!

What I have decided -

I think from all of that you may be able to tell that I am hoping to get into college, I need 4 GCSEs (A*-C) including English, or a successful completion of Level 2 diploma plus a interview. I have got a conditional place. But quickly my reasons for going to college is because I weighed up the pros and cons and their are many more pros. Also because I know I want to do business, why am I picking 2 other subjects, lastly the course at college is 100% coursework! Yap no stress of exams!

What are you planning to do after year 11? Comment below

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