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Book Review - The Glam Guide by Fleurdeforce

Hello everyone,

I have another book review! I know for someone who doesn't read I am doing very well in my opinion, I am really enjoying doing these book reviews. Today I have The Glam Guide for you, by fleurdeforce, I read this book in two days! (Click here to buy the book)

First of all this book is £14.99 but I got it in Whsmiths for half price (£7.50). To start with this book is a paperback and the size is a bit bigger than A5, this feels very nice and looks like a coffee table book, definitely a book that you can flick through here and their.

Starting with the front cover, I love everything about it especially the colours and the font, but I am not a massive fan of the four picture in the front, I think it ruins the whole design of the book.  I love the art feel to the book as well as the colour scheme used, the colours are beautiful!

This is the contents page of the book and it includes:

- Introduction
- Beauty
- Hair
- Fashion
- Travel
- Health and Fitness
- Life, love, dreaming and everything in between
- Youtube and blogging
- A not to my subscribers
- Acknowledgements 

At a first glance I think this book is covering every topic plus, the thing that stood out to me the most was this was more of a informative book rather then personal. Compared to Love Tanya, she included some personal parts about her life etc, but in this book it doesn't talk about that. I did read some reviews the day of getting this, and people did say that it didn't represent Fleur considering she wrote this herself, and the lack of personality and anecdotes. 

My review on the chapters as a whole is some were better than other. The Introduction was short and sweet talking about the book as a whole. Beauty, Hair and Fashion were different they talked more generic with basic tips and tricks which I didn't expect. Travel was a nice chapter since I do love travelling, but it's something books don't really mention. However the health and fitness, and life love... chapter was a bit vague in some points, they are good chapter but could be improved.. Also the youtube and blogging chapter was more of a advice which is what the book is based about, but it lacked person experiences.

This is one of the chapter title pages, the font is lovely and very chic. Also the pictures are very cute and pretty, which represents the pictures we see on Fleur's blog. The chapter pages are very clean looking and simplistic which looks nicer, also the pictures could represent the chapter slightly more.

My favourite thing about this book is the pictures, they are hand drawn and look beautiful! The feel the pictures give me is a very Parisian/chic feel, the pictures are beautiful and most of the pictures are drawn like this. My favourite photo is the picture of 4 draw lipsticks on page 41.

This is another page which is my favourite  I love the picture on this hair page! They are very stylish and pretty which represents Fleur the most in my opinion.

The writing on the pages is very well written and amazing considering she wrote this book by her self! The descriptions are clear and the pictures go along with it nicely.

With each chapter their is a 10 quick tips section which is very useful and it sums up a lot of the writing into two pages, a great idea because some tips are very useful. But again some tips are very basic which I already knew, and some which I feel like fellow beauty lovers would have already heard of.

The text is very clean and lovely, the font is perfect as well as the colours used. I also love the size of the fonts because it really stands out with the colours.

My opinions - 

Overall I think this book is very nice and different, but I would recommend this book more to novices in these areas or someone starting out. This would be a great book for young people getting into their teenage years wondering about beauty, fashion etc. 

My only complaints is that I wish this book had more personal touches from Fleur, her blog is personal to her but it doesn't contrast through into the book. Also this book could be very comparable to the Bobbi Brown Makeup Mannual and books similar to this. I am disappointed in some aspects but is a easy read hence how I read it in 2 days, as a result of this I would rate this a 6/5 out of 10.

What do you think of this book?

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