Sunday, 22 March 2015

My Lush Favourites & The Lush Tag

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to talk to you about Lush, if you don't know I am a massive lover. Their is something about having a bath but with Lush it makes it 100 times more nicer, at the moment I have been using a lush goodie with all my baths. And because of my lover for Lush I am going to share with you my lush favourite with the lush tag.

Here is my collection, it is a lot it's doesn't seem it but their all tied on top of each other. Also the glass is from Next as well as the box next to it.

1. How did you get into lush? - Through youtube, then I would have gone to school and discussed videos with friends to find out that we had a lush in my town, and ever since my first shop I have been addicted since.

2.How often do you go to lush? - Around once a week, I go so often that one of the women know me by face. Before Christmas I had a week off, and I went into lush everyday and came out with something new each time!

3. What is your all time favorite product? (out of anything permanent or from a collection) - Cinders bath ballistic from the Christmas collection along with the melting snow man bath melt. 

4. What's your favorite Soap? My favourite soap is the Baked Alaska and Snow globe soap from their Christmas collection from 2013 and 2014.

5.Whats your favorite Bath Ballistic? - Cinders, Dragons Egg, Luxury  Lush Pud, Fizzbanger, Honey Bee, Love locket and Floating flower.

6.Whats your favorite Bubble Bar? - Candy Mountain, Bright side, Christmas eve, Bright side and The comforter. 

7.Whats your favorite Shower Gel or Jelly? - Snow fairy and Happy Hippy.

8.Whats your favorite Skincare or Haircare Product? - Ultra Bland face cleanser and the Strawberry feels forever massage bar.

9. Your go to product in the morning? - Happy Hippy shower gel, it's so refreshing and clean as well as the Santa's lip scrub.

10. A product you regret buying? - By far the Sweetie Pie shower jelly and Pink fun! They are rubbish and are very impractical.

11. optional; if you could invent your own lush product, what would it be? - A candle, Lush have so many lovely scents and with a pamper evening lush having everything for that time but candles.

What are you favourite lush products?

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