Friday, 28 August 2015

Makeup Touch Ups On The Go

Hello everyone,

I thought that I would talk about makeup touch ups especially for when your on the go, these are also the products I would bring with me on a daily basis, they are great as well for adding more makeup if your going somewhere at night.

Powder - Powder is a must for touch ups, if I am only bringing one product our it will more of likely be powder. The Benefit Professional agent zero shine powder is perfect for on the go because on the built in brush, this can be a pain because it's loose but for me that's not a big problem.

Blush - For me blush is one of the last things I apply, meaning it's one of the first to come off. The Bobbi Brow Pot Rouge in fresh melon, is perfect because it's easy to apply and looks natural because it's a cream, this can also be used for both cheeks and lips meaning it's so versatile. On the go versatile product are the best because your not carrying so much and it's quick.

Highlighter - For versatile products I instantly think of the Nars multiple, because you can use it for your lips, checks and eyes. The shade copacabana is a great shade for highlight, but brightens up the eyes with this all over the lid, you could place this in the centre of your lips to make them look bigger, highlighter is also a must for the nighttime 

Lip Liner - I wear lip liner all the time now, but this can instantly make your look more wearable for night, this is the Essence lip liner in 06 stain mauve, this is a your lips but better/more nudey pink, this can be worn over many lipsticks from colour to nude.

Lip Stick - I always carry a lipstick around with me because they wear off very easily as well, the Chanel Boy rouge coco shine lipstick is the perfect glossy nude, this looks lovely over the lip liner to give it more of a pinky finish.

They are my top 5 makeup touch up products! What are yours?