Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Dealing With Bad News

Hello everyone,

I haven't been uploading for about 4 days now because I have been in the right mind set, but I have another lifestyle post for you, which this one is about dealing with bad news.

Lately I have my fair share of bad news, and after a few times you understand how to handle these situations as well as how you react to them. Also understanding that bad news comes in all different ways and it's different to every person, what I may think it bad news to me, it may be positive in your eyes.

My advice:

Don't hide your emotions - The worst thing is, is trying to hold back on your emotions and how you're really feeling. Just remind yourself it's ok to have a cry, we all deal with things differently.  It's ok trying to put on a more happy and positive front but don't let that take over how your feeling deep inside.

Talk to people - This is something I need to do more of, talking to people about how your feeling can make you feel much better in yourself, they may be able to shed a more positive outlook onto things, they can help to comfort you as well as helping you to see things in a different light.

Find the positives - I personally believe their is a positive in everything, try and think of some positives for example try to empathise with someone different, an example is dealing with loss if they were in pain try and put yourself in their shoes, they may be happier being pain free etc. 

Give yourself time - This is so important to help you face the problem as well as getting over the initial shock, give yourself some time to breath and to have time to yourself, take things in your stride for a few days and try to relax.

Distractions - Finding distractions can help to take your mind of the problem, even if this is playing some games, going out with friends or just visiting someone, anything is better than sitting and overthinking too much.

Ask questions - This is something I try and do all the time but especially when I am faced with some bad news. Asking questions can put your mind at rest, but this also helps with the recovery stages because it shows you can talk about it. Talk to specialists or friends, they can answer some of your worries and doubts.

Your not alone - Keep reminding yourself that your not alone, their is someone to talk to, I also love this quote from a TV advert 'If your thinking it, the chances are someone else is', this is so true and just reminds you that other people go through bad times, life isn't meant to be perfect.

Stay healthy! - Dealing with bad news is never easy, but you need to take care of yourself but staying health, this includes having balanced meals, exercising and just eating and drinking in general. Your body will already be run down slightly from taking it all in, but don't make it worse!

Reassurance - Keeping reassuring yourself that you can get through this, your not along and your family and friends are their whenever you need them! Their will be light at the end of the tunnel!

I hope this has helped any of you that have received any bad news!