Friday, 21 August 2015

50 Facts About Me

Hello everyone,

Lately I have been watching a lot of videos based about 'Facts about me', it's a great way to get to know people and it's a bit of fun, but it is really hard to think of 50 interesting things about you...  I have done a 20 facts about me tag a few years ago I think but it's all old so I shall update it for you, with 30 extra.

1. I am not collecting shot glasses from everywhere I have been, so far I have 4. Two from Miami, Flordia and Sorrento.

2. Pinterst has become my best friend, it's safe to say I am obsessed!

3. My friend Sasha and I are so alike it's not even funny.

4. I love listening to The Lumineers, Milky Chance, Mumford and Sons and Ed Sheeran. Their songs literally make me feel so much better, and their songs are so relatable!

5. I am a dreamer at heart!

6. I really want to go to university to study business.

7. I get so excited about the future, such as career plans, life etc.

8. I love my iPhone, I couldn't function without it.

9. I love watching bridal programmes on TLC as well as don't tell the bride.

10. I don't really play games on my phone, I much prefer board games such as monopoly and the logo board game.

11. I love romantic comedy films as well as animated films.

12. Talking about films my favourites are, Despicable me, The Proposal and Devil wears Prada.

13. I express my feeling via quotes, they literally understand how I am feeling.

14. I want to travel the world!

15. I was born on a Thursday

16. My favourite type of food is Mexican and Chinese. 

17. I want to own a Fiat 500 and a White/black range rover

18. I don't want kids because the pain terrifies me

19. I would like to one day own a Tiffany and Co engagement ring!

20. I have always dreamed about getting married and how my wedding would be. I am the sort of person who likes to plan their future.

21. When I was younger I wanted to be a fashion designer.

22. Lily Pebbles and Viviannadoesmakeup are my favourite people ever and you tubers!

23. When I was around 10 I used to write my own songs, thinking they were amazing... they were far from!

24. Miley Cyrus was my idol growing up

25. I love winter! Everyone is in a great mood and in the christmas spirit.

26. I was born on Thursday 24th December at 14:02

27. I love bowling, i'm not the best but I find it really fun

28. I am a only child, but I always wanted a younger sister when I was young!

29. I worry and stress too much, it's always about things that aren't worth stressing over or something I can't change.

30. I am not a big movie watcher?

31. My lucky numbers are 4, 8 and 9.

32. I am quit lucky when it comes to scratch cards, not so much the lottery. I was £2 on my first scratch card.

33. I love pandora especially their rings, I don't have enough fingers for all the ones I have?

34. I don't get scared easily, especially when it comes to horror movies.

35. I love America, Miami has my heart <3

36. If I was a boy I would have been called Kieran.

37. I sometimes come across shy, but not as much as I was when I was younger.

38. I love watching Wimbledon

39. I am obsessed with Frappes.

40. My favourite day of the week is Wednesday, it always has been?

41. I love keeping a scrap book, it's one of my favourite possessions already.

42. I hope to be successful when I am older, I want to be a business woman, and to open my own business.

43. I hate change but I don't mind it sometimes

44. I love shopping, especially in London.

45. I want to go to Birmingham City university or Manchester Metropolitan

46. I am excited for the future

47. I have a feeling I am going to be a good driver

48. I wanted to be a forensic scientist or a air strudel

49. I love flying!

50. I admire Angelina Jole, Alan Sugar, Prince William and Kate Middleton!

I hope you learned something new about me!