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School - Hacks, Organisation, Exams...

Hello everyone,

I am going to do a massive post all about school, basically school in general and then just school hacks followed by revision tips and how to stay organised. I am basically going to give you a massive guide on how to stay on track with your work etc. To check out all my school posts click here (their's a lot!).

School/life Hacks:

Waking up on time/early - This is definitely easier said then done, but waking up just 10 minutes earlier each morning will make you fell more refreshed and ready to start the day, then if you do spend more time doing your make up, you won't be as late because you woke up earlier.

Take good notes - Honestly taking good notes while your in class makes life so much easier for you when revising, even if your notes are rough you can type/write them up when you get home.

Colour - I say this in every school organisation post, colour is a life savour when in school! You can colour coordinate subjects in your diary, you can also use a traffic system, green you understand, yellow your alright on it but need practise, then red you need to go back to, I done this for more or less every subject it helps a lot! Also just highlight key facts or definitions, much easier to remember than paragraphs!

Flash cards - I used flash cards all throughout my subjects, I used them especially for Business and I honestly thank flash cards for helping me to pass, they are a life savour. All you need to do is to write clear and precise definitions and facts on the back, then test yourself over and over...

Ask questions - The only way your going to find something out is by asking, ask your teachers for help after school on a topic you don't understand, they will be more than happy to stay after school to explain some things to you. To the run up of my exams I was in school every day after school to get help and you revise. Also if you find it hard to revise at home then go to a quite class and revise on your own with no distractions.


The biggest thing in school is staying organised and this is at home and while your in school!

Diaries - These along with colour pens are your best friends during school, you need to stay organised as well as planning all your revision ahead of time. For me diaries are the best way to do this, you can use a red pen for a exam/due date, then a green for your revision schedule then a pink for your social life, also use post it notes in your diary to remind yourself to bring in a book on this day etc, and look at it every morning and night.

Document wallets - It took me a while to find some filing system to organise my work, but by the end of year 11 I found myself using a document wallet for every subject, in these I placed worksheets, mock papers, homework and every other piece of work I needed. These are better than binders as they hardly weigh anything and take up no room.

Having a set work space - This was the biggest thing which helped the more I thought about it, I had to have a set work space because then I know every time I am at my desk I only do my work. This way you can come away from your work space to have a break, this is more of a training system for you to understand when you are at your desk, then when you come away you have a break.

Priorities - When it comes to revising for exams we all have our priorities especially for particular subjects. You need to establish your prioritised subjects and work of them for the longest about of time etc, here I knew mine was maths and english because their the most important to me, then work out the days until the exam and then split your time accordingly while balancing out all your subjects. I would recommend prioritising your subjects by the ones your struggling with, your most important etc.

Goals and targets - This is key when organising your work because this keeps you motivated, you need to find out your end goal which may be getting a B in english, maths and business or something along them lines. By you having a goal set in your mind you know what you have to do, also this keeps you on track as well because you know all your hard work is going to pay off to your end goal.

Desk essentials:

I have done a desk tour and organisation post (link), it has sort of changed but here are my desk essentials and what is paramount to keep me focused while working.

Quotes - My whole bedroom is full of quotes and especially motivational ones, for me this is what keeps me on track and motivated to want to revise my favourite quotes are below). I done a motivational frame DIY here, and this is what I have sitting behind my desk to keep me from drifting.

Favourite things - I have some of my cute treasures on my desk such as photo frames with family and friends, memorabilia like a 16 me to you teddy etc. These things keep me happy while revising then reminds me that once it's all over it's going to get better, when I am revising I can get stressed and upset but this things keep me happy and smiling, because their are so many memories attached to them. Also on my desk I have some letters and cards that teachers have given me throughout the years wishing me good luck, this is something that keeps me going because I know people are wanting me to do well, and are behind me every step.

Writing equipment - I always have writing equipment to hand on my desk, which is separated into different pens pots. This makes it so much easier for me to grab something to jot down a reminder, but this also is just handy and very practical.

Sticky tabs - When looking through revision books and text books in general, stick tabs come in so handy when marking off a page to refer back to as well. I also used to colour coordinate mine along with the traffic system I mentioned above, then I knew I could head straight to the red pages and practise them first, this cuts down a lot of time trying to work out what you need to revise.

Past papers - These were essentials to get to grips with you exam papers, then you can see what you really know for you to revise in the future! These are life savours, because you can also track your progress so your know your getting better, but it's also nice to see  and makes you keep going.

Throughout the years... Secondary school:

This is very school related for everyone who is in secondary school because what ever year your in, you can see my advice and experience in that year.

Year 7 - This was the year where I was shy and bullied, this was the year I had no confidence. I didn't really enjoy year 7 because it was so different to primary school, it was good and a relaxing year compared to the rest! The work is fairly easy, but my biggest piece of advice is to take it seriously, and to actually revise for tests/exams because it affects you later on in your school life (especially 10 and 11)!

Year 8 - You are no longer the youngest in the school, this means you have to grow up a lot! Year 8's are known at my school for being 'the worst', they go round thinking the own the place and are rude! You don't want to be like this, so be a decent human and grow up just remembering your age etc. The work in year 8 isn't particularly hard compared to year 7. I found year 8 a boring year because your in the middle of being the youngest and kind of far off being the oldest, I just wish I was more laid back, but also focus on work and don't get in trouble!

Year 9 - It may sound scary but this is where you have more pressure on you because teachers will always remind you that you start your GCSEs next year! This is also the year where I was enjoying school more as my lesson were better as well as teachers, I also was getting more out of my comfort zone as well at this point, year 9 is a good year because you feel as if your getting more mature and more responsibilities given to you. You have to get your head down and get good grades because that affects your choice for GCSE, also try and figure out some sort of idea what lessons you prefer and would consider taking for GCSE.

Year 10 - Year 10 was a good year as I was enjoying my subjects much more especially the ones for GCSE! I was enjoying Spanish and loving business a lot, the work was hard but you ended up having a lot of time for revision because your only focusing on a few subjects. I was definitely more confident in year 10 and enjoying school much more, from the start of year 10 is where time is flying by, make the most of it, before you know it your be collecting your GCSE results next week like myself...

Year 11 - (A.K.A the most stressful year) I enjoyed year 11 a lot because we all felt the oldest as well as being able to leave school soon, but the exams crept up on us all so quickly! Make the most of your last year because it is one of the best years in my opinion, I felt as if this was where my confidence shined through the most. Also the exams are stressful, but as long as you revise at least a good few months before the exams start your be fine!

Top 5 revision tips:

Colour - Makes it easier to find information, stands out more when revising.

Flash cards - Perfect for important dates, key terms and definitions! Also great for testing your friends and visa versa.

Notes - Make a lot of notes, clear and detailed is the best... Remember it's better to write down more notes then you need, rather than not having enough!

Revision classes - Try and go to every revision class/session that is on, the teachers know how to explain things better and they have better resources for you to revise from. Don't forget to ask questions!!!

Revision apps - I spent so more time on revision apps because they are great for testing yourself, I found apps for nearly every subject I did have to buy some but it's wroth it! Just type in the qualification along with the subject, for example 'GCSE Geography'.

Useful websites:

Spark notes - This is amazing for english, it gives you all the information for the chapters in a book, this gives you the characters and everything you need to know about a book your studying! Link

BBC Bitesize - This was just what you need especially when it comes to science and maths! Tells you everything you need to know in a simple way. Link

Past papers videos - On youtube I liked to watch maths past paper videos, this is basically someone answering the questions to past papers while giving out the explanation! I would do a paper by myself then go to this video to 'mark' my work against their workings out, this was perfect for seeing this at a different perspective.

Kahn Academy - Perfect is you don't understand something in maths for example you can search on this website and they will use a video to explain the topic to you, the lessons were done so well as very detailed and easy to understand. Link

Topic videos - I used to listen to these in the morning while getting ready, I used to find science chemistry revision videos where people explain the topic in depth is a visual way. This was great more maths as well, as teachers would answer maths questions and showed you workings out as well!


I thought I would touch on a few key advice topics in this post just to give you my thoughts on some major school 'events':

Bullying - Talk to someone, don't keep it inside as you may start to believe what their saying, sharing your thoughts can help a lot because you may be able to get it stopped. Don't retaliate or think their better than you, if you don't retaliate their get board because they want to see if hurt you.

Friendship - Remember that you will make friends you just need to be yourself and be confident talking to people. Also everyone goes through ups and down in a friendship, it won't last forever. Remember it takes a bigger person to say sorry, and don't be the childish one ignoring the other person that is what primary school kids do!

Relationships - Don't feel as if you have to find love just because your in secondary school, I wasn't in any relationship and I was just as happy as people that were. Also just remember to balance social and school life and make sure you have your priorities sorted.

Stress - Stay cool, calm and collected! Have a break when your feeling stressed, and don't cram it all in just stay relaxed while revising. Also talk to friends, teachers and family about being stressed they may be able to help. Also doing some exercise like running, yoga or going to the gym really helps to de-stress, also a long relaxing bath/pampering session helps a lot!


I thought I would quickly touch on results because that is a massive part of school!

Mock exams - Mock exam results are their to get you ready for the real things, if you don't like the results then that is your time to put your foot down, start revising to get the grades you want to see on results day.

Exam results day - Remember that you had done your best, it's not the end of the world and that you can't change it so take it in your stride and find something positive. Also my GCSE results day is next week and I will be taking you through my day, how I am feeling before I find out and after as well as sharing my results with you! 

Good luck for any future exams, and good luck for GCSE results day next week I know i'm nervous! Also well done if you have gotten your A-level results and congratulations if you got into uni!

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