Thursday, 3 September 2015

Haul// New Look, Top Shop and River Island

Hello everyone,

I finally have my back to school haul for you which consists of things I have been collecting over the past few months. If your wondering I go back to college on Monday, I will have my last back to school post up before then, which is going to be a full coverage school makeup routine.


I decided to buy a small bag from River Island for them days where I don't need much, this one was £22 (Link), I also needed a winter coat which wasn't too big etc, I found this one in River Island for £85, which looks like a bigger leather jacket with this fur trimming, it's so warm as the inside if soft and fury (Link). A few months ago I brought this cropped long sleeve top with black stripes with black lace as the trim, this looks so cute and was £22 (Link). I needed to get some more jumpers considering it's freezing in the UK now, I found this Love to Love one from river island for £30, this is such a soft knit and very light but still keeps you warm (Link). Moving onto Topshop, I decided to buy these joggers which were £25, I thought they would be a good idea for the more casual days at college (Link). You also may have seen the red check flannel in my wishlist, (the one is the picture is similar) this is so comfy and looks really nice on because it's cropped, this was £30 but well worth it (similar one Link). I also brought some 'Treggings' which are nice but can look a big baggy because there stretchy? These were  £25 and are very comfy (Link). Last but not least this crop top which says 'Heartbreak hotel' was £14 and I love it (Link). Last from New look I brought a simple white sleeveless top (not in picture) which was £8.99 it looks very nice with the treggings (Link), I also brought a sleeveless blazer because it looks more casual then a full blazer, it was £19.99 (Link). Lastly I brought some boots which was so comfy and look so nice, these were £27.99 these are widfit, but considering I don't have wide feet these still look good and fit well (Link).

I think I have missed a few things but your see them eventually!