Friday, 9 October 2015

A/W Fashion Staples

Hello everyone,

I feel like I haven't done a fashion post in so long! I thought considering we are in autumn, that I would share with you my staples for autumn and winter, I have to admit a lot of it is black, but that's when I wear black the most to be honest. I am going to be doing a beauty version of this post to share my beauty favourite for these seasons, that is going to be up at the end of the month (30th October).

My first staple which I have been loving for so long are my chelsea boots, I brought a pair from Primark last autumn but decided I needed a nicer pair. These ones are from New Look, they are so comfy and they go with everything from jeans to dresses. I also have recently brought a knee high pair from Primark which are going to look so good with skirts especially. Link

I recently picked up the faux leather slip ons from Topshop after my love for my Vans slip ons and my New Look ones. I decided I needed a faux leather pair for the rainy days. These look so simple but really put together an outfit, these look great with my jeans as well as leggings. Link

This is my lovely winter coat/jacket from River Island. This is so warm and fits really nicely, it has been too thick to wear to college lately but I can't wait to wear this in the colder months, it's got a lovely fur collar as well as fur lining, this is also a longer leather jacket type coat. Link

My favourite autumn/winter accessory is by far scarfs! The thicker the better in my opinion, I wanted a black one to get with everything and this one from New Look is so warm and soft. I love how easy these are to trow over anything, so simple but look great with every outfit. Also New Look do the best scarfs in my option that last in every weather condition! Link

I have been stocking up on layering pieces at the moment and especially jackets. This one is from Primark, it fits really well and looks great with any top and jeans especially, it's light to wear when a coat is too heavy, this is going to be great around college as it's too warm for a coat. (Similar) Link

This is a random one, I have been obsessed with this black lace bra, it has no padding or wire so it's really comfy. This looks great with slouchy jumpers were you can see your straps, this looks nicer than a normal bra strap. This one is from Topshop, they so some really pretty ones at the moment. Link

I go through fazes of wearing jumpers, but I have been liking these ones from Primark, they are really simple with just a turtle neck, they look good with a fur gilet as well. They are only £g in Primark, I picked up one if grey and cream too. Link

These tops are all over the shops at the moment with the tie front, they are very boho and quit summery, but this top from River Island is going to look great especially because it's thick and long sleeved. Topshop do some similar as well as Primark, but this is my favourite one I have seen. Link

I never used to wear cardigans but considering college gets too hot for a coat, they have been my last resort. I love this one from Primark as it's so warm and cosy, this isn't too long either and looks really good on. This again looks good with everything and is such a big staple for the colder months. Link

My own coloured item! This is my shirt from Topshop, this is so easy to wear, my favourite way is with a leather jacket, ripped black jeans and my chelsea boots! This is so simple to wear and would suit anyone! Also I love that this is cropped compared to some, this suits me better and is more flattering for me. Link

What are your A/W staples?