Thursday, 10 December 2015

Blogmas Day 10 - Christmas/Winter Makeup

Hello everyone,

For today's blogmas I felt the need to do a makeup post, because of this I felt as if I needed to just talk about some of my favourite things to use for Christmas and in winter.

The Makeup -

I didn't want to keep mentionening the same foundation, so I thought I would talk about a new concealer which is the L'oreal True math concealer, this is a really good drugstore concealer that stays on but that actually covers as well!

Of course when it comes to the colder months you need to add some colour and definition into your routine, this is why my biggest staple is Benefit Hoola! The perfect product for contouring and the best shade for fairer skin tones.

I have found a new eye liner which is so good and so easy to use, this is the L'oreal Super Liner so couture, this takes literally seconds to use in the morning and creates a lovely thin line for defiitnion! Perfect for even beginners and a plus is that it's drugstore.

My favourite eye shadow I have been loving is Mac all that glittered, this is a gold shimmer which is going to be perfect for Christmas especially, as it just screams festive to me. I love this eye shadow a lot for everyday and night, it looks brilliant on it's own or with a crease shade as well.

Lastly is a lipstick, I didn't know which shade to mention so I thought i'd talk about an in-between of Sweetie and Rebel, so palmful is perfect for everyday but also at night!

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