Friday, 11 December 2015

Blogmas Day 11 - Holidays Are Coming

Hello everyone,

I had a chilled day today but the Coca Cola truck was in my town so we decided to go down to have a look, and I thought I would talk about #holidaysarecoming!

The Coca-Cola truck:

I will always say that the Coca-Cola truck and Christmas advert always remind me of my child especially but also Christmas! I always associate the classic advert with Christmas so when this comes onto our screens I instantly stare the countdown till the 25th!

It was such a nice atmosphere seeing the truck in real life, everyone was in the christmas spirit as it bought everyone together and excited for the holidays. Also having a cold can of coke on a cold day just felt so right!

Before today I wasn't too excited for Christmas, I felt as if I had to be considering it's near my birthday as well. But since finishing college yesterday for the holidays, and seeing the Coca-Cola truck today it's put me in the spirits. 

Is the Coca-Cola truck coming near you? Have a look here I would recommend going! 

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