Saturday, 12 December 2015

Blogmas Day 12 - Baking Mince Pies

Hello everyone,

Every time I watch Tanya Burr's vlogmas she's always baking mine pies, since I have never made them before I thought I would give them a good try! 

The Mince Pies -

This is what they looked like before going into the oven, and this is what I used:

- Puff pastry (ready made)
- Mince meat
- Cookie cutters 
- Milk 
- Butter 
- Flour (For dusting)

It's very self explanatory what I done to create this wonderful mince pies!

I first of all greased the tin for the mince pies with some butter, with some flour dusted in the liner to prevent them sticking. I then rolled out the puff pastry, and used a circle cookie cutter to create the base of the pie, after placing the base down I then used a tea spoon of mince meat in the centre of the base. After this I then rolled out the pastry to create the top, I used a smaller star because you can see the mince pie and they just looked nicer. I then 'egg' washed these with some milk, then cooked at Gas mark 5 for 15-20 minutes but depending on your oven you may need a few minutes longer.

These are so easy to make and taste amazing! Definitely recommend giving them a try.

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