Thursday, 7 January 2016

Driving Lesson Experience #1

Hello everyone,

If you didn't know my 17th Birthday was on Christmas Eve, turning 17 finally meant that I can learn to drive, I have been ready to start learning since April 2015. I thought I would update you every few weeks or so on how my lessons are going, what I am doing and just general things, because their aren't many driving experience videos/posts on the internet. I hope this helps some people either learning to drive or who want to get a taste of what you'r going to be learning!

Thursday 24th December 2015 (Driving lesson #1)-

I have always said that I would like a driving lesson on my birthday, as it's exciting to remember your first driving lesson actually being on your birthday, it makes it more special I feel. I didn't know I had a lesson as my family knew I would panic, I found out a few hours before! When I got told I had my first lesson at 12pm, I panicked and to be honest started crying! I am the first person in my friend group to start learning how to drive, so I had no idea what to expect, I was nervous about everything but mainly not liking my driving instructor, as I don't get on with people who are too assertive. 

When it turned 12pm, I was excited but very nervous I meet my instructor and then my nerves went away as she is lovely. She was talking to me about the cockpit drill and the controls, then it was time to switch and time for me to drive a car for the first time in my life! I was so excited and couldn't actually believe I was driving, she said I have really good control of the car as my steering is very good, I also covered the POM routine which is how to move off. I was so excited to be in control of the car for once, I overtook a car as well and went round a bend! When I got home I was so excited and just on cloud nine, I couldn't stop talking about driving and I was counting down the days till my next lesson! My instructor also gave me a booklet so we can keep track of how i'm doing, what we're covering next week and general comments, she told me that the next lesson it going to be my worst lesson I will have as we were turning bends.

Wednesday 30th December 2015 (Driving lesson #2) - 

Finally my second lesson rolled around, the first thing we done was go through turning left and right on bends, what to look for and how to execute the turn safely. She was right this was the worst lesson I have had, simply because you were multitasking and you had to judge the position, when to signal and to change the gears all before you reach the turning. At times I stalled the car but it was the same place and time, the thing I found the hardest was judging when to change the gear, indicate and position all before you reached the turning but I did also go round a roundabout! I was proud because it's expected to stall the car as you've never done it before, but it was important not to let it discourage you.

Wednesday 6th January 2016 (Driving lesson #3) - 

I was excited for this lesson (like I am every lesson) but I was more nervous and I knew we were going to be doing crossroads. For the first 5 minutes or so she was talking to be about crossroads, what you need to do, what to look for etc. When it came to the crossroads I was fine, I stalled the car when it came to stopping but I was getting better at the gears, she also said I had great social awareness which is great to know! I also went round another roundabout which was good, but we are doing a recap lesson next week which should be good as I will be getting more experience!

What do you think of these posts? 

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