Saturday, 23 January 2016

What keeps me motivated?

Hello everyone,

Recently I have been thinking a lot about what keeps me motivated, we all end up doing things that we don't want to do but what keeps you motivated to carry on is my question today? I thought I would talk to you about what keeps me motivated, if your lacking motivation then hopefully this should help you? 

It is hard staying motivated, and i'm not going to cover up the fact that I am never mtovatied every day your aloud your 'down days' but you have to 'take a deep breath, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again'

The biggest thing that keeps me mtoitviated to do well and to succeed is the future, some people can't look 5 years ahead even a few months, but the future is what keeps me on my feet! I am the person who has 'planned' out their life and what they want to achieve, so this is what keeps me motivated to do well. When it comes to college and I can't be bothered to do my assignments, I think about university and my dream to go to university.

I would say my family and friends are one reason why I stay motivated, when I was looking for a job I would get disheartened but my family were there to keep my head held high, and a few weeks later I found myself a job! Knowing that I have my family supporting me keeps me motivated, and making them proud is something I always aim to do so knowing I will be doing this is what keeps my eyes on the prize as they say.

I am obsessed with quotes, I will try and fit in a quote where ever I can, my room is full of team as well as my blog! They keep me on track and motivated, when I am feeling down they lift my spirits and get me going again. Similarly music and music videos keep me motivated, a few songs that automatically keep me motivated are Rudimental Waiting all night (the video) and X Ambassadors Renegades (also for the video). Swedish House Mafia Save the world has some motivational lyrics as well as Black Eyed Peas where is the love? and lastly Eminem Not Afraid.

When your aiming towards your ultimate goal of maybe going to university, it can be disheartening at how far away that is. For me the little things are what keeps me motivated, such as doing well at college. It good to focus on the little things because that's whats building up to something big. 

Having something to look forward to keeps you motivated and gets you through a tough day, this year I have some lovely things to look forward to but some thing I have every week to keep me motivated, is my driving lessons! They get me excited because I am doing really well, they get me excited to that day when i'm going to pass and be able to drive on my own! Wether you have something every week to look forward to, or something big such as a holiday, it all matters and it will keep you going!

Having fun is something that passes the time, but makes daily 'choose' exciting, just let your hair down and have fun with friends at school or at the weekend! If your not enjoying yourself, then your never going to be motivated but this passes the time quickly! 

My last thing that helps me to keep motivated is to stay positive! I have a whole post on this here. This is definitely easier said then done, but if you have long term goals such as university and driving then you have to stay positive that your going to achieve them. The more positive you are, the more motivated you will be! 

What keeps you motivated? 

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