Thursday, 28 January 2016

Driving Lesson Experience #2

I can't believe I have been learning to drive now for over a month... I honestly feel as if I have been driving for a year plus now! I thought I would update you on my driving lesson experience as a part 2, this last three lessons were all recap lessons but over the course of the three weeks, I saw a lot of improvements.

Wednesday 13th January 2016 (Driving lesson #4) -

This was a recap lesson from my third lesson which was crossroads, on this lesson we approached different crossroads from minor to major roads, and major to minor etc. This is something I found not as easy, this is mainly because there is so much to remember to do all within a short space of time. It was the fact that I would remember one thing and forget that the next and this would keep happening every time. Although my driving instructor said that my steering is good but I was under/over turning at times, but I had really good spacial awareness which is a plus. I felt as if on this lesson I was doing the gears perfectly without looking, and within a good time. 

Wednesday 20th January 2016 (Driving lesson #5) -

For my fifth lesson we decided a recap would be the best thing as we could perfect the steering and to tackle cross roads again. I felt as this I was definitely getting much better at driving in general, but I was more and more confident with the moves I was making. We also came to the conclusion that I keep putting too much pressure on myself, which never helps but as the lesson went on the pressure was reaching because I felt as if I was improving a lot more. The turning on the turns was much better and I was feeding the wheel again without crossing over. I was also incorporating more things into the bends such as hill starts, which went well, but I was also doing roundabouts very well which was motivation to doing better, as well as helping to keep the pressure off me as well.

Wednesday 27th January 2016 (Driving lesson #6) -

Yesterday was the best lesson I have had yet, as I improved a lot more and it was a 'big milestone' while learning to drive! We decided to have an hour and a half lesson so I would perfect the steerings and bends. I was feeling more excited, but their was a lot of other cars to keep into consideration such as bin lorries, road works and reckless drivers! My steering was almost perfect as I was doing it without being told what to do, but my gears were also great as I knew when to change them etc. The only thing I need a little more practise on it braking, because I am braking a little too early, and at times it can be too harsh but it was improving as the lesson went on. My instructor said that we was going to meet traffic and traffic lights, this was exciting enough already  as I was going on a main road! I felt as if this went much better, and I felt more confident being around other drives, but we also decided I was going to drive home! I was so excited but felt so comfortable and natural, I went up to the fourth gear and was turning bends well, meeting traffic well and again my spacial awareness was very good, as she was saying you either have it or you don't and it's not something you can learn. I am buzzing for my next lesson, as I feel as if I am making improvements!


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