Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Theory test, My car & Starting a new job

Hello evreyene,

It feels like a while since I had last spoken to you, but I have a few things I wanted to update you on and things I just wanted to tell you. So last week was a pretty good week and here's why...

Wednesday 4th May 2016 -

I finally decided to book my theory test for the 4th of May, and it came round so quickly! But after a lot of revision, stressing and theory tests later it was time to finally take my theory test! And long story short I passed! I am over the moon that I don't have this test hanging over me anymore, and stopping me from booking my driving test. If your wondering I actually got a very good score of 49/50, I am over the moon and just relieved that I never have to see another theory test question ever again!

Saturday 7th May 2016 

So I may of got my first car on Saturday, again I am over the moon and beyond excited to finally own a car to begin with. She is my baby and my pride and joy at the moment, it's something for me to get some experience in as well as something for me for when I pass, she is a Renault Clio and she's beautiful! If your wondering her name is Rosie and she's just the cutest thing ever! I am obsessed, to finally own a car is beyond the most exciting thing ever! It makes you feel more like an adult because all the papers are signed by yourself and in your name, it's honestly like having a child!

Sunday 8th May 2016

On Sunday I started another job, I left my old one a while ago as I was looking for something that is more enjoyable. I am working for a golf range company, where they have a few dotted round the UK. But I am really enjoying it, after work I went for a very well deserved meal with the family for my dad's birthday. 

What a grown up week ey!


  1. I miss those early days of owning my first car. The joy of being able to get up and out whenever you want is something we should all think about more often. Today we are all so distracted behind the wheel and road rage fills the air, we forget the freedom that we once were so excited to all be a part of.

    1. It's such an exciting time just passing your driving test and having a car I find! I know, now since being on the road, no one has patience anymore! You make a simple mistake and their swearing at you and getting angry!