Thursday, 23 June 2016

Don't Be So Hard On Yourself

Hello everyone,

Lately I have been putting a lot of pressure on myself for various reasons, I wanted to talk to you and give you some advice for trying not to be so hard on yourself. These are some lyrics from one of my favourite artists Jess Glynne, but they are so true and the whole song just is so relevant to this blog post.

I am going to be honest I put a lot of pressure on yourself in a variety of situations, but I am very guilty of it! No one else puts the pressure on me I do it 100% to myself, and I expect a lot of myself.

Everything takes time

This is something I need to keep telling myself, I put a lot of pressure on myself especially when it comes down to driving. I need to remember that everything takes time, and that something taking a long time isn't necessary a bad thing.

Be optimistic 

We put a lot of pressure on ourself because we had high expectations of something to go a certain way, or we set targets to meet something and if it doesn't happen then we end up putting more pressure on ourselves. You have to be optimistic as well as positive  and find the positives towards this. 

Don't compare yourself

This is something everyone is guilty of at least a few times! And it is easier said than done, but everyone is different and people have different strengths and weaknesses so things take longer, but don't get yourself down because your taking longer than someone else to do something, we are all different and excel in different areas.

Don't be so hard on yourself

Give yourself some time to relax, sometimes putting a lot of pressure on yourself can dampen an experience just enjoy the adventure and find the best in the situation. If your not being so hard on yourself you may realise how different the experience may be because your more relaxed. 

I would highly recommend remind the lyrics to this song, because every lyric in the song just speaks to you! They are so true and relevant they are.

"Don't be so hard on yourself, no
Learn to forgive, learn to let go
Everyone trips, everyone falls
So don't be so hard on yourself, no
'Cause I'm just tired of marching on my own
Kind of frail, I feel it in my bones
Oh let my heart, my heart turn into stone
So don't be so hard on yourself, no" 
- Jess Glynne Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
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