Tuesday, 28 June 2016

What I Couldn't Live Without

Hello everyone,

I wanted to do another lifestyle post for you as beauty isn't really inspiring me too much at the moment. I am going to talk about some things I couldn't live without, obviously my friends and family come in this but I am going to go along the "materialistic" approach to this post, it's just something light hearted but interesting. 

The things I couldn't live without...

- Mac Velvet Teddy
- Instagram 
- My Macbook
- My Car
- Earning my own money
- Headphones
- Music/Spotify
- Onsies 
- Estee Lauder Double Wear
- Marc Jacobs perfume's
- Blankets
- My watches/jewellery
- Pandora rings
- The internet 
- Online Shopping 
- Student discount 
- Snapchat
- TV (Love Island, Geordie Shore, Towie etc.)
- Bath and Body Works Pocketbac
- Cocktails
- Topshop Joni/Jamie jeans
- Nike Janoski 
- EOS lip balms 

What couldn't you live without?

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