Saturday, 16 July 2016

Weymouth, Dorset 2016

Hello everyone,

You may be wondering where I have been lately, well I decided to take a mini break for a bit, then once coming back from my holiday i'd come back refreshed and motivated. We took a family trip to Weymouth, Dorset for a week, so I thought I would share with you some of the things we got up to.

We arrived in Weymouth on the 9th which was a Saturday. Then on the Sunday we went to the Seafood Festival which is held on the Harbour in Weymouth. I would definitely recommend attending this as all the sea food is delicious! (link)

The Weymouth harbour is one of my favourite places to go, the cute shops are my favourite thing! I also was addicted to Boho Gelato when I was away as Zoe Sugg talks about the place all the time! 

At the Festival on Sunday I tracked down some Macarons from a small business called Frandie Macaron which had the most amazing flavours and combinations of macarons! (link)

We then decided to go to West Bay for a few hours one day, it's a really cute place to go for a wonder and to take in the sea views. However when we arrived it was pouring down with rain! 

If this place may look familiar to you they actually film some of TV programme Broadchurch here, and the cliff in the background is something you can climb up. I have done this a few years back, its hard work but views are lovely on a clear day!

I think that staying in caravans is one of the best things to do when going on a holiday in the UK, we stayed in Seaview holiday park, which is a nice place the entertainment however on these sites are always based for young children, the food is pricey as well so I would recommend trying out pub restaurants and other places to eat outside of the caravan site. (link)

Speaking of pub restaurants outside of the caravan site, this place is a 5 minute walk not even that from the Seaview caravan site and the food is amazing. It's called The Spice Ship, it is a lovely place the staff are so nice, this is a also a dog friendly place. The food was just amazing, I have a break basket and a lamb shank for my main and it was beautiful! (link)

We then took a day trip to Monkey World, my nan has always wanted to go here because she loves monkey, so it was only right we took her as we was so close to the place. I love seeing got monkeys because if you have seen the programme Monkey Life this is actually filmed at Monkey World. (link)

I have visited Monkey World loads of times now, and every time I want to leave with a monkey! And this time was no exception

Seeing all the monkeys unclose is the cutest thing ever, it's a pain for taking photos as you get a reflection off the glass. It's a lovely day out, and it nice to see the monkeys and their story. I would recommend getting a guide they are only one pound, and you can read all about the monkeys life and where the came from etc.

We then spent the day at the beach and I can honestly say I had the best scampi and chips i've ever had! They were delish, the weather was lovely and the perfect day for the beach. Also the gift shop here was so nice as well, I did spend a good amount of money in there!

On our last day we spent a few hours visiting Portland Bill, I really enjoyed just sitting on the rocks watching the waves it was like a breath of fresh air! This is the main thing people come to Portland Bill for and it's for the lighthouse. (link)

We decided to take a track up the lighthouse, to go up there it was about seven pound for a tour which wasn't too bad! 120 steps or so later we made it up to the top, it was lovely to see the views and interesting to hear about the ins and outs of a lighthouse! I would recommend this, but the treck to the top is very exhausting to say the least.

After the lihgouse we drove down to the town centre, where we took a stroll along the beach and looked in a few shops! They also have sand sculptures in Weymouth and this one was for the Queen's 90th birthday.

The beach in Weymouth is beautiful, and always has a host of things for you to do! 

When we was looking in the shops we found a fudge place called Roly's Fudge, the shop smelt amazing but the fudge tastes to good. I went for the sea salt and it's the best! (link)

Throughout the course of the week we had a daily visitor, which was a duck! This was taken today before we left to head home.

After a lovely break, I am back and have lots of blog posts planned!

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