Wednesday, 17 August 2016

My Favourite Ways To Unwind

I thought I would share with you some of my favourite ways to unwind, this is my favourite thing to do when I had a day off or after a stressful day. It's really important to have some you time as well!

Also just going to through it out there just in case anyone is wondering about my layout, yes I have changed it again! This time I brought a template from Etsy (link).

Baths&Showers - I find having a bath and shower is my way of relaxing, I love taking a bath and having a face mask on and really pampering yourself. The best way to relax is to have a bath/shower with your favourite songs playing, theirs nothing better!

Pictures&memories - Another way I love to unwind is by looking back at pictures and memories, this is very nostalgia but it's a great way to feel relaxed as well as feeling uplifted, by all the happy memories with close ones.

TV - One of my favourite things to do is to relax in bed with some comfy pyjamas on, watching all the TV programmes I have missed. And all the youtube subscriptions I have to catch up on. 

Blogging - Blogging is one way for me to relax and have some alone time, because it's a very calming activity. This is the reason I have been blogging for so long, is because it's a hobby but something to help me unwind. Mainly because I am allowed to talk about whatever I like, and majority of the times they are the things that makes me happy.

Walks - I don't do this too often but I love going for spontaneous walks, I love putting in my headphones and listening to some chilled music and just walking. Half of the time I only walk to my corner shop but it's just very relaxing, and enjoyable to have some alone time away from the house.

Playlists - Creating new playlists is my thing, and it's something that I could do for hours on end by letting the time fly by. My spotty playlists are a mish mash on everything more or less, you can check out my playlists here. But their is something about re discovering the old throwback songs and listening to them for hours on end, this is the best way to unwind!

Shelby x 

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