Tuesday, 9 August 2016

What Makes Me Happy In Life

I think it's nice to talk about what makes you happy, I want to talk to you about a lot of the things that makes me happy. I have put together a little collage of some photos that correspond. 

1. Travelling - Visiting new places and exploring my surroundings 

2. Being a tourist - There is something about being a tourist, and visiting the tourist attractions that is comforting. 

3. Christmas & My birthday - They are both in the colder and winter months, the whole build up to Christmas and that celebration is my favourite. 

4. Food! - I am such a foodie, but you can't be food it will never let you down. To begin with, everything sweet is straight up my alley.

5. Pets & Animals - I did have a dog but he sadly passed away, I love dogs especially but animals in general make me so happy and full of life.

6. Being up in the air - I am someone that loves flying and being up in the sky, I love the experience of going on holiday and especially aeroplanes. You forget everything that is happening in the outside world.

7. Shopping - It's my retail therapy, there is something about treating yourself! Whether it's a lovely new lipstick or some beautiful new undies. 

8. Friends & Family - Any time spent with my nearest and dearest always makes me happy, I love looking back at videos and pictures as they fill me with a lot of laughter and smiles.

9. Cocktails - My favourite thing in the world has to be cocktails, they are just amazing! I was living the dream when I was in Barcelona, we found a cocktail and sushi bar... 

10. Taking photos - I wish I could be someone that takes artistic photos, but sadly I am a complete novice at taking them. But they make me happy, capturing a memory or some beautiful scenery. 

11. My car - I have to say every time I see my car/baby Rosie it makes me happy, because it's my motivation but I know hard work has gone into getting myself a car. 

12. Socialising - Some days you want to lock yourself away with your bed and your laptop, but most of the days socialising with people makes me really happy. I love talking to a lot of people, and I am that person that will talk to anyone. 

13. Lazy days - After a few days of working, there is nothing better than having a day doing nothing and just being lazy. I am someone that loves their own company, and it just makes me happy being under a blanket watching TV. 

14. My blog - I felt as if I could end on 13, with it being an unlucky number n all. My blog is my platform to talk about anything and everything, it just makes me happy seeing what's different and changed over the years! Also my layout and design always makes me happy, as it's so pretty

Shelby x 

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