Sunday, 9 October 2016

University #3 University Open Days

Yesterday we took a trip all the way up to Manchester to attend the MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University) open day. This was my first proper open day, and I have learnt a lot so I thought I would share with you, my tips and experience.

These are my initial thoughts and tips on open days, always think f the first open day as a learning curve for the other open days, and learn from it. This way you know what to do differently next time etc.

Plan - You need to plan everything! To begin with start with working our which universities you want to visit start with the open days (make sure none overlap) and register online. Also, plan your travel and if you taking a train etc, make sure you book in advance as all the prices will go up closer to the time.

Research - Something I wish I done differently is researching what accommodation I was interested in, as well as anything else you may want to see on the day. 

Talks - I would recommend for your first open day to attend all the talks you can, especially the ones on UCAS applications, student accommodation and financing, but most importantly the ones on your chosen courses. 

Leaflets - Pick up every leaflet and everything related to the university, your course and applications! We have come home with multiple books, leaflets and pens relating to MMU. 

Ask questions - The whole point of the open days is to ask questions about everything and anything, that's your chance to speak to all the staff and students at the university. They are there to help and it helps to be able to ask the experienced ones.

Tours - Attend all the tours you can! Whether this is accommodation or university tours, I recommend doing them all so you can get a feel for the university and where you could possibly living in the future. 

Take notes - What my mum was doing throughout the whole day was taking notes of all the talks we attended, and anything that seemed relevant at the time. Then I was taking mental notes about the university, what I liked and didn't like etc. 

My next post is going to be all based on personal statements etc.

Shelby x 

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