Thursday, 13 October 2016

University #4 My Personal Statement

As promised I am back with a post all about writing my personal statement. I want to do a lot of university-related blog post because it's something for me to remember, but it is helpful to get a more personal experience on everything. So this post is going to be a generic one but also related to a business/marketing personal statement. 

I want, to begin with saying that a personal statement is such an important step towards applying for university, so this is something you shouldn't rush!

Thinking ahead of time - Before I started writing my personal I had a list on my phone of things to jog my memory, the things I noted down were past experiences, awards, and experiences. This meant when it came to writing my personal statement, I wasn't having to think on the spot.

Time to decide - When you're writing your personal statement you need to of decided the degree/subject area you want to study in. I would say just go with what you are going to enjoy, but if you're undecided on a career pick something broad such as business. 

Personal statement examples - I didn't have a clue how to start my personal statement, but after reading some personal statement examples based on universities I'm thinking about and the degree, it really helped to see what other people had written and experiences they have had. I used a website called Studential, they had a variety of examples, from every course and university out there(link).

Templates - I also used this template online to help me write my personal statement, it helped to see what I needed to include. Once I had constructed my first draft, I then gave this to a teacher to mark through, I would change it and then hand it in again. I completed this for every draft, and it turns out I had a perfect personal statement that was signed off after 2 drafts.

Research - I ended up watching so many university application videos, from students and what websites such as UCAS had produced. I then found some things that would really benefit my PS, such as outside reading and research, so I watched a few documentaries on marketing and business. Talking and seeing what other people write in their personal statement is a great help, I read so many articles on writing a good PS as well as what to include and what to stay far away from!

Shelby x

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