Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Let's Travel - Airport/Airplane essentials

Hello everyone,

So I am going on holiday on Thursday which I have mentioned 1000 times, so I thought I would do a Airport and Airplane essentials. Because it can be tricky thinking about the essentials apart from entertainment.

1. Comfy shoes and fluffy socks

When I am travelling I also want to make sure I have some comfy footwear, I don't recommend Flip flops because they can be a pain if they keep flipping off, and your feet will get cold. So I recommend Vans/Converse/Trainers, you will doing a lot of walking. I also recommend Fluffy socks because on the plane I love my take my shoes off and really get comfy with a pair of socks. Of course it doesn't have to be fluffy socks but I find them more comfy and better if your feet get cold.

2. Entertainment 

This doesn't come to a shock for anyone everyone has some sort of entertainment, I really recommend a Ipod/Phone for playing your music, and to go along with that is some good headphones so people don't hear you music. I really love my Kindle for reading some books because it's amazing how light it is and compact from taking books.

3. Comfy clothes

Comfy clothes is just as important as comfy shoes, when I am flying I avoid Dresses, Skirts and Jeans because I find them un-comfy especially Jeans. I hate wearing skirts or dresses because I feel very conscious if someone can see my underwear if I bend over. I love going for leggings or Shorts, a comfy flowy short sleeve top and a hoodie/cardigan because it can get chilly on plans and around the airport.

4. Hairband, Lip balm and Sunnies

These three may be my most used and some of my essentials, I love putting my hair back because it's less hassle and it's more comfy, it also get it away from your face. I need lip balm because my lips always get dry, I recommend a stick lip balm because you don't have to use your fingers or worry about germs, and Sunnies are so important because you need to protect your eyes, also if your not looking your best after the flight these are you best friend.

5. Hand cream & Hand sanitizer  

I think this is such a key product when your going round the airport and when you on the plane, because there are so many germs about and sometimes you don't want to que up to go to the toilet so hand sanitizer is great. But also hand sanitizer can be quite drying and with the Air con on the plane your hands will be so dry so hand cream is great.

Thank you

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