Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Workout Wednesday - Healthy Eating

Hello everyone,

This is my third post on my Workout Wednesday and I have been loving doing it! I am happy to say this time I have a healthy eating. I am going to be giving you tips on saying healthy and what I do and eat.

My Story on Healthy Eating:

I have only recently decided to cut down all the chocolate and sweets and just have a balanced diet!

In the past I always used to eat Strawberry's and Raspberries when we had them in the fridge. I was never motivated to eat healthy and cut down on the Sweets and Chocolate. But ever since the New Year has kicked in I have decided to stop that. I started the year off really well by no chocolate and sweets and I have been drinking so much more water. I have kind of slipped I did set my self a day once a week when I would have what ever I want but still balancing my meals out. I would have a Mcdonalds or a chocolate bar for example.

I have 98% cut out the diet drinks and I have been drinking lots more water. As I mentioned above I have slipped on the Eating healthy especially when I get home from School. I seem to have a chocolate bar, crisps or what ever and after it I do feel sick, and I guess that's the pay back.

I have been eating lots more Fruit and been having my 5 a day. I have also been ditching the sweets a little bit and have a sour/sweet fruit because it's natural sugars. I have also been loving Alpen bars. I am from now on when I get home I am restraining myself from the Sweets and rubbish.

I am planning to continue eating healthy because I noticed a difference in my Skin and the way I have been acting. I am still going to allow myself that one day a week to have whatever I want.

My food favourites:

I have been loving quite a lot of things lately and these are some of the things have been doing/making for my meals.

Breakfast: I am having Natural Greek Yogurt, Raspberries/Strawberries/Grapes with some granola and some honey. This is so healthy for you and I think it tastes amazing.

Snack: Alpen Bars are great for snacking on I love the Strawberry and yogurt they taste amazing, and they are great for putting in your bag to snack on instead of a chocolate bar. I also love Fruit Salads! They are great it you don't have your 5 a day and they taste amazing.

Lunch: I have been having Wraps at the moment with Lettuce/Cheese/Cucumber, these are great and light weight you don't feel like you have eaten a horse, but you still feel full. I have also been loving salads aswell.

Dinner: My dinners are as healthy as I can get them, I love having Salmon with Fusion Rice, Pasta, Meat and lots more if I don't have a healthy dinner I make up for it from Lunch and Snacks.

Desert: I never rely have a un healthy desert but if I am craving one I love to have Greek Yogurt and fruit, or I love the Alpen Coconut and Chocolate bars because they aren't really healthy but it's better than having a bar of Dairy Milk for example.

Top 5 tips for Eating Healthy:

- I hardly ever used to drink enough Water, but I brought this tumblr from Paperchase and it has made my drink much more water, I think a cute bottle/Glass makes me want to drink out of it more. (I have this one, Click here)

- Have a balanced diet and have balanced meals. If you have lots of little meals make sure your having the right amount for each or if you like having big meals have a big meal for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Also balanced diets are so important you need Carbs, Protein and Nutrients.

- Keep a good exercise routine up, This is just as important as eating healthy. If you don't exercise you are just eating healthy you need to do exercise, Jogs or a sport to keep you maintaining a healthy weight.

- WATER WATER WATER! - Water is so important and you need to be drinking 1.2 liters a day to stop you getting dehydrated. I love water if you aren't a massive fan of the taste slice some lemons/Cucumbers/Oranges into cold water and place it in the fridge with ice cubes to 10 minutes.

Aim to feel satisfied, not stuffed - When eating your meals have enough to cure your peckish mood don't over do yourself so you can't eat anything else on top of that. Have enough to feed how hungry you are. It's better to have little but lots of meals to feed you if you aren't super hungry.

Last of all don't skip any meals! Make time to eat!

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