Thursday, 6 March 2014

Top 5// Makeup Brushes

Hello everyone,

I have been wanting to do this post for a while, and this is my top 5 makeup brushes. I feel makeup brushes are very important and you can definitely tell the difference between hands and brushes. All the brushes I am going to mention are drugstore, I think drugstore brushes are much better and I have no intention of buying Mac or Nars brushes because drugstore are amazing.

Real Techniques Buffing brush (Core collection) - £21.99// Click here

Real Techniques are honestly the best! I first of all got the Core collection to start off with and I love this brush so much. It amazing for blending in foundation, It is honestly think this a god send brush. It makes blending foundation so effortless and easy. Also this brush is great if you was to go a bit over the top on blush for example use this to blend it out to perfection.

Real Techniques duo-fiber face brush (Duo-fiber set) - £23.99// Click here

For some reason I was really funny about buying the duo-fiber brush set from Real Techniques, I have to admit I feel as if I didn't need this set, but I caved and brought it. Out of the whole set this brush is my favourite, I only have one use for this and it's bronzer and contouring. This can fit in the hollows of your cheeks perfectly, this also applies the right amount without being too heavy, I love the fact that you can apply this and it also blends out at the same time.

Eco Tools Bamboo Tapered blush brush - £7.99// Click here

In my stocking last year I received three Eco tools brushes and this is one I use everyday. I love this for blush I only have used it for blush. This is the perfect brush because it applys blush so precisely and it looks amazing every time. I love this with my Benefit boxed blushes, this applys the right amount of product and looks very natural each time.

Eco Tools Bamboo Large powder brush - £9.99// Click here

My favourite brushes to apply powder with are 100% the large ones, I think larger ones apply more product but in the areas you want it in, but this also keeps your skin looking very natural. I have recently been using this with a translucent loose powder, and this looks amazing with using this brush. I love this also it's so soft.

Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge - £5.99// Click here

I have always liked the look of the beauty blender, but was not going to spend £20 on one. But as soon as I saw Real Techniques had come out with there version I had to get it. Also for a 1/4 of the price I wasn't going to not get it. I really like that this had different sides on it, I love the flat side for blending foundation our and even cream products like blush and highlight. I also like the point end for concealer especially under the eyes, around the nose and on blemishes. This is a great sponge and it's so good I have two.

All these brushes are very soft and clean very easily. I am not associated with any of these brands, these are my own opinions. 

Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite brushes? Comment below

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