Friday, 25 April 2014

Editing Instagram Picture

Hello everyone,

I love finding new photography apps, and I have narrowed it down to my ultimate favourites. I thought I would share these with you because, you can use them not just for instagram. And I love finding new photography app recommendations. I have also included pictures I have made using the apps.

Square Ready//

I mentioned this in my app recommendations and this is such a good app. You can basically make your picture to fit in the instagram square box. This is great for putting a boarder round your picture and making it look like a Polaroid. (Free)

Picture using Square Read!

Twin Collage//

I use this one a lot in taking my blog photos. I use this because it just looks really nice, I used this in my last blog picture. This is great for just putting two photos together, this looks amazing and modern, also very easy to use. (Free

Picture using Twin Collage


I have recently been in love with the reflected photos, they look really nice and especially on selfies. This one is the same as any other and you can reflect any way. (Free)

Picture using Reflection and I used Square Ready


This is just a app for making collages, this is my favourite because you can do cool shapes and designes, like the ying yang sign, hearts, waves and the peace sign. This is very easy to use and looks a really nice. There are so many fun ones aswell, but also including your classics. (69p was free!)

Picture using Diptic

Photo Collage Creator//

This is another collage app, but I really like this because you can add your photos any where, you can add as many as you want. I really like this as a really clean and fresh look. (Free)

Picture using Photo Collage Creator 


I love this one for just simple words and paragraphs. This is great for doing shout outs on instagram. I like the backgrounds and recently they have added video ones, fr example their is a falling words one. Also great if you love a background and for putting a quote onto it. (Free)

Picture using Versagram 

What are your favourite photo editing apps?

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