Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Workout Wednesday// Drinking more water!

Hello everyone,

I have to admit I am one for not drinking much water, but when I start drinking more I have a few days of drinking so much water, to a day where I can't stand drinking and have a drink at 2pm. But I want to share with you two ways to keep you hydrated and drinking more water.

Having a cute cup//

You may think this is a wierd one, but I brought this Tumblr from Paperchase and I drink much more from it. I think this is very cute and I just really like it, personally having something cute to drink out from is much ncier than drinking from just a plain glass. It keeps me kind of motivated and it makes me want to drink from it. 

You can get Tunblr cups from quite a lot of places click the link to find one Here

A app//

I am always on my phone and I thought having an app that can remind me to drink more water is the best because it can send you notifications. This app is called 'Water Balance' this helps you keep track of how much water you are drinking, you press the + button and you can add all different drinks from Water to Alchol, you also add the amount and it tells you how much water you are drinking, this picture also shows you how much you need to drink to have enough. This is great because it also shows you the percentage, weather and this also gives you facts about drinking more water. Also it awards you badges for various things, I am on the expert one because 'I learnt the full qualities of water'.

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Do you drink enough water? Comment down below, what helps you drink more? I reccomend these to help!

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