Friday, 13 June 2014

101// Lip Balm

Hello everyone,

Since the Summer is here I am all over lip balms, I think lip balms are perfect in the summer because some contain spf and they are just amazing. This is going to be me telling you all about my favourite lip balms!

I am going to start off with an old cult favouirte of mine, I have been loving this since the age of around 10. It's the Flava Craza Lipbalm in Watermelon. These are very nourishing and hydrating, perfect for above and under lip sticks.

My favouirte one I love to apply over a lip scrub, is the Body Shop Lip Butter. This is amazing for putting moisture and hydrating dry lips. I use a Lush Lip Scrub and apply this over for the top, it's very thick and amazing for night and day use.

The one I rely on for sore lips is Carmex, I have the mint one but the Cherry is my favouirte. This is amazing for sore lips because it tingles and you feel as if it's really helping and feels very nourishing and helpful.

My two favouirtes for daily use are the Burts Bees Nourishing lip balm with Mango and the Palmers Cocoa Butter Lip Balm. These are great because they both contain SPF 15, are perfect for soft lips and just great for topping up on.

I have a more expensive lip balm and this is the Elizabeth Arden 8hr Lip balm, this is great for topping up on aswell. I wouldn't reccomend this if you are more of a drugstore kinda lip balm person. But if you feel like going all out this is one for you, it's not 100% my favoutite but 85% my favourite. 

If your more of a pot sort of lip balm person they I highly reccomend the Bomb Cosmetics Tutti Fruitt Lip balm. I love this but having it in a pot is a pain. This is very light and is perfect over and under lipsticks etc. And this smells amazinggggg.

I had to throw in a Lip Tint, my favouirte is the Lush Santa Baby lip tint, this was limited edition but they will bring out a similar one soon i'm guessing. This is the perfect 'I'm starting out with reds' colour. Also this stays on for a long time, great for school/work and everyday.

What's your favourite Lip Balm? Comment below

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