Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Workout Wednesday// Hair for the gym

Hello everyone,

Today for Workout Wednesday I am going to be talking to you about hair for the gym. Because Summer is coming we don't want a basic messy pony tail. So these are my ideas for a some what fashionable hair style ideas.

My first way for a fashionable hair style is to use hair accesories. I have this bun flower thing that goes over you bun to give it something extra. I got mine from New Look. When I am using these I prefer to use a doughnut hair bun, just to create a bun that will stay clean and perfect.

My next way is to use these hair scrunchies. I love to use these for pony tails they add something different and something nicer than a usual elastic hair band. I again got these from New Look, with scrunchies I prefer to use a normal hair band then put these over the top for more support. These look so cute because they have ears.

Also for more of a standard hair style you could add a braid to your look for something extra. Even putting a sea salt spray through you hair would give it a more Beach like and textured look.

What is your prefered gym/workout hair style? Comment below

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