Saturday, 19 July 2014

Let's Travel// Carry On Liquids

Hello everyone,

Today I have another Let's Travel post for you, this is going to be about the liquids I carry on the plane with me in my hand luggage. This is only a 4 hour flight so I'm not doing a skincare routine. Also this is all different for each airline so check with your airlines regulations. (UK airports Link)

Also just to point out this bag is great for your liquids, it is approved and I brought this from Rymans, this is called a Snopake Air Bag - Link

I have two samples that I got from a magazine with me, these are the Hawaiian Tropic SPF 15 Sun Cream. The reason why I have this with me because when we land it is going to be around 1pm and I wouldn't like to risk getting burnt. The my other sample is the Garnier Combo to Oily skin and dry skin moisturizer, I have got this just in case I feel I need to moisturiser my skin so it doesn't get too oily or dry.

Them I have four Lip Balms, I carry so many lip balms with me on a daily basis and I like to have a choice. I have the Palmers lip balm, Burt's Bees Mango lip balm, Carmex Tinted Berry lip balm and the Raspberry Balmi. They are all my favourite lip balms and I have to have them with me.

Moving swiftly onto hands, I have a Body Shop Cranberry Bliss hand cream and the Carex sensitive hand gel. I always have a hand cream with me because I hate having dry hands and it's always nice to moisturise. Also when you are travelling it's so important to keep your hands clean, but on the plane you can't get up every 10 minutes, this is why I love hand gel. 

My last thing is my Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula moisturiser, I love this it makes your body feel so fresh and clean. Also as you all may know how horrible the Airplane air is, so it's good just to have it if your feeling a tad dry.

- Just a side note I am going to be doing these Let's Travel posts more than once a week, this is so I can get the majority of them done before I go on holiday.

I don't think I 'over pack'! But what do you take as your liquids carry on bag?


  1. I love that bag, I barely take any liquids with me just because I never bother using them but me being me I still have to take a few products just in case I change my mind haha

    1. It's amazing, much better than the 'sandwich bags' stops things spilling aswell! I always carry lip balm and the bare necessities. Better to have it then not to have it. x