Friday, 29 August 2014

M.A.S.H - My Future prediction

Hello everyone,

I have decided that I wanted to play M.A.S.H, this is a future prediction game, also M.A.S.H stands for Mansion, Apartment, Shack and House. I have found two websites for you where you can play M.A.S.H and I thought I would share my results with you.

The first one// (Link)

On this one they give you the answers and you have to pick three, from the ones chosen. Here's what I got: 

'You will attend UCLA to become a Model. You will live in Florida, in a House. You will marry Harry in Paris.  Your honeymoon will be in Paris. You will have 1 kids and a Monkey. You will drive a Turquoise Mercedes.' 

The second one// (Link)

With this M.A.S.H you can type in all the answer options for yourself, and again you have to pick three for each topic. Here's what I got:

'You will attend Cambrige to become a Business woman. You will live in london, in a apartment. You will marry Finn Harries in LA.  Your honeymoon will be in Maldives. You will have 3 kids and a Rabbit. You will drive a pink porsche.'

I think my life would be pretty good if all this happened!

I want you all to give M.A.S.H a go, and comment below with you future prediction!

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