Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Staying Organised - Tips

Hello everyone,

I am really happy to do another organisation post for you, this is going to be on keeping organised and some of my tips, and just how I stay organised. For example I have to juggle my blog and school life aswell as a social life. Also everything is personal preference. 

This is what keeps me organised! I have to admit if I didn't have any schedule on what I am doing as soon as I wake up, I will end up doing a load of rubbish. As you can see I have written every blog post I want to get up this week, this means I can wake up and I know what I have to do that day. I plan my blog posts out every Sunday, I include a good base line of what I want to do each day but I try not to overwhelm myself with a lot.  

Also moving away from the blog post schedule, this is great for adding in homework, exams, revision and anything school related. When I go back I know this is going to be great for filling in the days I get homework and ticking it off as I do it so I know I haven't forgotten anything. Also if you find it quite difficult to keep up with a lot of homework, this is perfect because you can space out when you have to do it to when it's due in, this is great because if you have 3 things with a due in date for the same, you can spread then out throughout the week so it all gets handed it and done to a great standard. 

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Keeping notes for me is very important but I prefer to do this in a different place, I got this check list from Staples a while back just to write down notes of anything, things I need to remember to buy, etc. I have been writing down some things I need to buy so I don't forget. This is also great if you prefer to have a check list to stay organised for example uploading a video/post, talking to someone etc.

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I like to have a personal notebook that is quite special and pretty, but this also contains my life! This goes hand in hand with my weekly planner, the day I know I have to do a blog post I will write notes about that post in this book to guide me on what I need to talk about. For example you can see my notes I done about my hotel review, this is just very handy so you don't spend 30 minutes trying to think of what to write. Also if you plan ahead or write lists for things this can help a lot, I do this for monthly favouirtes especially. But for school I do this if I need to remember a book/section of something for a assessment/exam this is great for revising.

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My tips on staying organised//

  • Colour is your best friend - When I am taking notes I try to use colour for a lot of things, it just attracts you to that page. Also on planners I use this and colour code something to mean something else, for example Green could mean that I need to revise.
  • Spend a lot of time sorting out your life essentially - I do this on Sunday', I spend 25-30 minutes writing anything down think I am going to want to remember for that week, I also try and organise everything I am going to upload.
  • If your coming home from school, and you fling anything everywhere, try and keep tidy because if your space around you is tide the chances are your want to keep it like that because you like the way everything is non cluttered.
  • Have a tidy space around you, and organise as much as you can - I didn't have the tidiest room then I spent a good few days organising and keeping everything tidy, this meant now I can work and not stressed or anything. Also I tidied even the things that aren't on show like drawers. 
  • Make notes - During the day I randomly think of something I want to do like a blog post or something I need to remember to buy, either make a note in your phone or carry a little notepad especially for these random thought showers.
  • Keeping a diary - I have kept a diary for a while now, I don't do it everyday but I have it on a app so when I want to remember something I can have it their to remember. I also used to write in a lot of notebooks; little diary entries.
  • Set deadlines for yourself - I do this for anything small or big. I know if I have something on going for a long time period it won't get done, but if I set myself a date or a time to do it by, chances are it's 99.9% more likely to be done.
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