Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Desk Tour and Organisation

Hello everyone,

I am so excited to do this blog post today because I love organising things. Lately I have been organising my new desk that I talked about in my Ikea Haul. This is why I thought I would share with you my organisation for it and what I have stored in it.

I have mentioned that I got my desk from Ikea and I love it, it's perfect, I love that is has a lot of room on the actual top because I like to spread out and the 5 drawer storage is perfect for the things that you don't want on show.

Also having a bin under you desk means you don't have to have rubbish piling up on your desk, also the two white boxes are great for little things you may need to have a lot of the times like headphones etc.

It's always key to have a good comfy chair if your going to be working on it for hours on end, mine is from Ikea and it's very comfy, I just added a cute pillow on it for extra comfort which is from Primark. Also if your wondering my laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1545 in the colour Passion Purple, but it's soon going to be a Apple Macbook!

On my desk I like to always have things that I love, for example I have this Bomb Cosmetics Blissful Rest candle. Aswell as a sign that says Keep calm and hug a dog. Then I have three pen pots also from Ikea this is just holding my pens and pencils. Last of all I have a few Chanel Bags, on big on the wall and a small one which is holding from fake flowers from Wilkinsons. Also I have my laptop on a stand from Ikea.

On the other side I have two Yankee Candles on is Fruit Fusion and Bunny Cake (Limited Edition for Easter 2014). I have this drink coaster which is from Curioity in Swanage, and these two white boxes from Ikea.

On top of the boxes are a few things, also known as my life! I have this notepad for notes and here I have just wrote a few things I need to buy which is from Staples. Then I have this organiser from John Lewis and this frame from Splosh.

On to the boxes in the top one I just have some headphones, but in the bottom one I have a  lot of magazines mainly Company because they are my favouirte. 

In the top draw I have this Ikea insert which I have cut in half to fit into the draw. I just have some post it notes, paperclip, Glue and the basics for stationary. But in the box on the right I have my most used Jewelry and some random things. 

In the second one I have two packs of record cards, a lip balm, scisiors, a ruler, sharpner/rubber, ruler and glue.

I have a few notebooks and a school planner in this one. Aswell as a hand cream, a Teenager teddy and a egg ornament. 

I just have my school stationary in here, aswell as a Jack Wills notebook and a fashion book.

Finally in the last draw I have some black and white card, a Lot of revision books and my Ted Baker Pencil Case.

How do you organise your desk? Comment below

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