Thursday, 31 December 2015

Looking back over the year!

Hello everyone,

Every time we're approaching the end of December and the beginning of a new year, I like to go back over and 'reminisce' over the the year, I like to see what's happened as well as making a 'plan' for the new year, talking about what I would like to achieve and my goals.

(Left to right) 
Wales with Nicole and Sasha, Windsor Castle, Leaving year 11, Prom, Italy with Nicole, Capri, Sephora for the first time, Disney World, Miami, X-Factor, Results day, Kiss Haunted house concert with Sasha, London, Awards evening, Cocoa Cola van, Turning 17!

As you can see a lot has happened throughout 2015, and most of the things are big and exciting! I have changed a lot as a person, I have done things I never thought I would do before such as applying for jobs, going on holiday without parents, going to college, setting new friends, getting a maths award and the biggest thing is starting to learn to drive!

It has been such a good year as you can see, but it's been a not so good year as well! A few family members of mine has been going through a lot of struggles regarding health, dealing with this has made me a stronger and more independent person, and because of all of this I have grown a lot as a person.

I am very excited for 2016, I feel as if this is going to be 'my year' I have a lot of existing things happening new years and some of them are looking at universities, driving lessons, turning 18, college and many more! I am very excited and I am looking forward to do more things which can benefit my future.

My aspirations and goals for 2016 are:

- To look at potential universities
- To save up for a car
- To potentially pass my driving test
- To get a job
- To carry on getting good grades in college
- Be happy, and enjoy what i'm doing

I keep saying that 2015 has been an amazing but horrible year, I have done so much and I have made myself feel so proud of everything I have done personally and regarding educations/school. I have done some amazing things and visited America which are one of my biggest highlights. Apart from that I decided to go to college on my own knowing no one, and I have meet some amazing people and some long time friends! I can honestly say I have the most amazing network of friends and family around me, and I am so grateful for that. Last but certainly not least, is that in 2015 I have managed to have 2 driving lessons, I am so proud of myself as that's a massive milestone!

What have you done this year, that has made you proud?

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